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About Me

There aren't many people you'll meet in your life who are down to earth, super relaxed, non drama and full of love for all that life has to offer.  I am one of those. ;).  If you enjoy spending time with someone like that, I want to hear from you!  Companionship is about having a relaxed, non judgement zone where you can be yourself, get away from your life's daily stresses, and enjoy some laughs and good company.  These things are easy for me - I don't have to fake my enjoyment, because I truly love people.  Especially kind, respectful and relaxed human beings.  Are you that person? Show me!

Visually I have tan skin, long black hair and an athletic yoga built body. I am 5’2 and 125 lbs. I am extremely into hygiene so I will not expect from you what I will not maintain myself.  Soft skin, long dark hair and smoldering hazel eyes, hoping to find great conversation and chemistry.


I have always had a love for modeling and all things related to the Fashion Industry.  Some of my interests are sports - especially baseball. I grew up in a sports family, so can you imagine chilling out with your favorite gal and watching a ball game? Netflix can come after the game! ;)

I enjoy being outdoors - anywhere from the mountains to the beaches, I love down time or exploration of nature. I am a reader as well as a writer - also have a passion for visual arts and I'm learning photography.

I also try to travel once a year to someplace new and spend time with the locals. I want to learn Italian and have a degree in culinary arts.

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